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Here is the list of sessions submitted. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. Please check back after 2/2/2013 when session selection and scheduling will be posted:

Title Speaker Level
Upgrading Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 to Window Server 2012 Blain Barton Beginner
Introduction to Next Generation Firewalls Jeff Wolach Beginner
How to address BYOD using a Mobile Device Manager Jeff Wolach Beginner
Cloud Computing – the NEXT BIG THING Alex Rogachevsky Beginner
Whats New in Windows 2012 – Active Directory Roan Daley Beginner
SQL Server – Practical Troubleshooting Dmitri Korotkevitch Intermediate
Between Ground and Clouds – the similarities and differences in database backend implementation Dmitri Korotkevitch Intermediate
Windows Azure Beginner Workshop – Lecture – Part 1 Blain Barton Beginner
Microsoft Cloud Computing “Hands-On” Workshop and Microsoft Certification Coverage – Part 2 Blain Barton Beginner
Microsoft’s no-SQL: Azure Tables Herve Roggero Intermediate
PowerShell Working with .NET PSObjects Maximo Trinidad Beginner
Learn SQL Server SSIS under 1 hour! Jose Chinchilla Beginner
Sharepoint 2010 Administration Erik Poirrier Intermediate
Android Application Analysis Shane Hartman Intermediate
Introduction to Spiceworks Jeffery Hughes Beginner
Tips and Tricks for Blazing Fast SQL Server Performance Pinal Dave Beginner
Footprinting and data leakage – What your company gives away Shane Hartman Intermediate

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